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We strictly abide by ISO9001,TS16949,ISO14000 system in our quality management.The policy of Quality First is being fully implemented.From design to mass production,we always insist on our business ideas High starting point,High standard and High quality. We strictly abide by the quality standard Do not accept, manufacture and transfer the inferior products.To achieve the quality objective that products no defect,we fully implement five principles in management Clear grasp of the problem,Cause investigation, Solution implementation,Effect confirmation and Source feedback.

Quality Policy
Fully implement the policy「Quality First」
Provide the product of being trusted and satisfied with the customer

Quality Objective
Products no defect

One of our business idea is “Protect the earth from our own”.By practicing the environmental policy,we constantly improve the level of environmental control.In order to reduce waste and prevent pollution,we manufacture our products in a most eco-friendly way and provide the social eco-friendly products.  

Our environmental protection concept:
Full participation and obey laws and regulations.
Energy saving and control waste.
Pollution prevention and continuous improvement.

Our slogan:
Make full use of the resource and protect our global environment forever.

Our environmental policy:
With the internationalization of environmental protection in the 21th century, we IC FAN MOTOR(SHANGHAI)Co.,Ltd establish environmental management system in fan motor.Aim to protect the environment effectively and promote the development of regional economy, we practice our environmental protection concept Full participation and obey laws and regulations,Energy saving and control waste,Pollution prevention and continuous improvement.At the same time of company development,we also focus on environmental protection and constantly improve the environmental management system.

a.All development techniques of motor are based on environmental protection.We creat the eco-friendly product meanwhile reducing material consumption as far as possible.  

b.Power saving,controlling carbon emissions and global warming.

c.Reduce inferior products meanwhile focus on reusing of the components.Control the waste meanwhile focus on resource recycling.

d.While developing and producing the product,exercise appropriate management and control over the  chemical substance.

e.Seek to reduce water use,controlling the use of water.

f.Obey all laws and regulations related to environment and the items the customer required. Take an active participant in the prevention of environment.

g.Build a green world together with other nearby companies.

h.Implement internal audit of environmental management system as while as focus on pollution prevention  and continuous improvement.

i.Determine the environmental objectives and targets and make all efforts to reach them.Modify objectives and targets,if necessary.

j.By means of training and other forms of activities to let all staff of the company understand and execute the environmental policy effectively.